iPad, Charger & Case:

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will receive an iPad to manage coursework.  Glenbard will ship your iPad and training information to your residence after you have registered, paid your fees and/or signed up for a payment plan.  We strongly encourage families to register as early as possible so that your student has more time to train on their device prior to the first day of school.

Returning students that had an iPad for the 2021-22 school year are responsible for maintaining their device in good working order and will use their device for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.  Returning students should run all software updates prior to the first day of school.  

If you experience technical issues with your iPad contact the technical support help desk at 630-942-7777.         

Digital Curriculum/Applications:  Glenbard provides students with digital curriculum (digital textbooks, digital novels, digital workbooks) and applications (Schoology, our learning management system; etc.) that the student will use for their coursework.  

Note: Certain courses may still require non-digital materials (hardbound textbooks; paperback novels or workbooks).  If your student needs these non-digital materials, we will provide them at no additional charge.  Textbooks must be returned by the student in good condition at semester end (semester classes) or by year-end for (full term classes), or fines could apply. These materials will be provided to your student once school is in session.