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Counseling Staff

Jeremiah Wiencek
Department Chairperson
[email protected]

Anthony Bergantino
School Counselor
[email protected]

Kate Culloton
School Counselor
[email protected]

Tad Keely
School Counselor
[email protected]

Mike Neberz
School Counselor
[email protected]

Lissete Ochoa
School Counselor
[email protected]

Natalie Rubino
School Counselor
[email protected]

Rhiannon Sieck
School Counselor
[email protected]

Contact the School Counseling Office

Administrative Assistants
Mrs. Chris Gladish – (630) 942-7482
Mrs. Beatriz Romero De Ferreira – (630) 942-7483

Mrs. Margie Kruk – (630) 942-7484


Counselor Caseloads

Class of 2021 (Seniors)
A-B — Ms. Sieck
C-Fe — Mr. Neberz
Fi-Hi — Mr. Bergantino
Ho-Le — Ms. Ochoa
Li-Mon — Mr. Wiencek
Moo-Ren — Ms. Rubino
Res-Son — Ms. Culloton
Sor-Z — Mr. Keely

Class of 2022 (Juniors)
A-Ca — Ms. Sieck
Ce-Fo — Mr. Neberz
Fr-Ho — Mr. Bergantino
Hu-L — Ms. Ochoa
M-Mg — Mr. Wiencek
Ni-Rod — Ms. Rubino
Rog-Ste — Ms. Culloton
Sto-Z — Mr. Keely

Class of 2023 (Sophomores)
A-Bro — Ms. Sieck
Bu-Far — Mr. Neberz
Fat-Juk — Mr. Bergantino
Jun-Ma — Ms. Ochoa
Mc-Ni — Mr. Wiencek
No-Rami — Ms. Rubino
Ramo-T — Ms. Culloton
U-Z — Mr. Keely

Class of 2024 (Freshmen)
A-B – Ms. Sieck
C-Duck – Mr. Neberz
Dun-Hod – Mr. Bergantino
Hou-Lo – Ochoa
Lu-Mon – Mr. Wiencek
Mor-Pow – Ms. Rubino
Pr-Sk – Ms. Culloton
Sm-Z – Mr. Keely