Health Services

Health Services

Stephanie Gloodt, Certified School Nurse, email: [email protected], 630-942-7492

Tanya Campos, Certified School Nurse, email: [email protected], 630-942-7720

Karen Christensen, Health Services Administrative Assistant, email: [email protected] – 630-942-7493

Health Services Fax – 630-942-7559

Health and Wellness Page

Healthy Environment – COVID-19

  • If you test positive for COVID 19 or are symptomatic, stay home.

  • Glenbard Health Reporting Form must be used for COVID-related issues. Please fill out this form if:  You have COVID Symptoms. You have tested positive for COVID. You have been in close contact with someone with COVID 19.

  • Continue to use safety mitigation procedures in the classroom: Establish seating charts, take accurate attendance, maintain 3 feet of distance.

Quarantine/Exclusion Due to COVID 19

COVID 19 Status

Updated Requirement

Positive COVID Test

Excluded from campus for 10 days  Can return early to campus on Day 6 provided the individual is symptom-free and produces a negative diagnostic test (Ex: PCR, lab based testing).  

Close Contact to COVID Positive Case

No longer will be excluded from campus when in close contact regardless of vaccination status.

Symptomatic Individual

Excluded from campus until fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, diarrhea/vomiting has ceased, and symptoms have improved.  Testing is recommended but not required to return. 

Immunization Data

CLICK HERE to download the Glenbard West 2020 – 2021 Immunization Data Summary report