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February 19, 2021
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Students, you can submit your Yearbook and ID Photos online. Click for more information.


 Hi Parents & Students

With the challenges posed by COVID, capturing ID photos and Senior portraits this year has been tricky.  We are offering students an opportunity to submit their own ID photo for the Yearbook.  Any student who did not take an ID photo or Senior portrait are eligible to submit their own photo following some very basic steps listed below.  If we do not receive an ID photo, we will use last year’s photo and, as a last resort, we will list your name in our ‘Not Pictured’ list.  Please contact Mrs. Rio ([email protected])  with any questions.

Steps to Submit an ID photo for Yearbook:

  • Go to on your phone.
  • Once on the site, enter your GLENBARD email.
  • A code will then be emailed to verify your identity.
  • Choose My Portrait, select and crop an appropriate portrait photo, then submit!

The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any photo that does not accurately represent the student identified, does not follow proper student dress code and/or does not meet publication standards. Please review the following guidelines for acceptable/usable ID photos.

ID Photo Guidelines

Don’t delay! We want to include every student’s portrait in the book.  Due to publishing deadlines, we need all portraits uploaded to by MARCH 26TH!

Thanks for your help!   We’re working hard on creating a yearbook that captures this historic school year.  If you haven’t already ordered yours, you can do so at