May 6, 2024
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Second Semester Final Exam Schedule

Second Semester Final Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule for the second semester can be found below. Please note that students are not allowed to take early final exams due to a pre-arranged absence or family vacation. If these situations arise, students can either take their exam(s) during our makeup periods or receive an Incomplete and make up the exams over the summer. If you know that your student will miss final exams, please alert our Deans’ Office as soon as possible.

  7:35-9:00 9:00-9:10 9:10-10:35 10:35-10:45 10:45-12:10 12:20-1:20
Wednesday 5.22.23 Period 5 Exam Break Period 3 Exam Break Period 7 Exam Resource
Thursday  5.23.23 Period 6 Exam Break Period 2 Exam Break Period 8 Exam Resource
Friday  5.24.23 Period 4 Exam Break Period 1 Exam Break  Makeup Exam Resource

Students who miss an exam due to an unexpected absence can make arrangements with their teacher to take the exam during the Makeup Exam slot on Friday at 10:45 a.m. or Monday at 7:35 a.m.

Students who have three exams on Day One or Day Two may elect to change or move one of their exams to the Makeup Exam slot on Friday at 10:45 a.m. A rescheduled exam form must be completed and approved at least one week prior to the exam (Wednesday, 5/15). Students can pick-up the form in the Dean’s office.

The bus schedule for our final exam days is as follows. You can find pickup locations and times here.

  Morning Bus Routes Regular Bus Depart Activity Bus Depart Athletic Depart Depart
Wednesday 5.22.23 Normal 12:20 PM 1:30 PM 4:00 PM
Thursday 5.23.23 Normal 12:20 PM 1:30 PM 4:00 PM
Friday 5.24.23 Normal 10:45 AM 12:20 PM 1:30 PM