August 14, 2019
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In-Season Study Hall Information

In-Season Study Hall:

Please note the guidelines for In Season PE Study: In-season student athletes in grade 11 or 12, or members of the marching band in grade 9-12, who are enrolled in 7 classes with no study hall, may request an In-Season Study Hall. Students enrolled in Zero Hour PE are not eligible. Student athletes are only eligible during the recognized athletic season. STUDENTS: Students enrolled in Nutrition and Fitness and Adventure Challenge are NOT eligible for In-Season Study Hall Students must complete the pre and post semester fitness testing.

  • Students must complete form and get a parent signature. Students must return to Physical Education the first school day after the last athletic competition.
  • Students must attend Study Hall every day they are in school attendance during the season. Students who attend Physical Education less than six weeks of any semester may receive an audit grade.
  • Students may be placed back in Physical Education at the discretion of the Assistant Principal for Student Services and/or Dean at any time.
  • Please see the timeline below: Wednesday, August 14th- In Season PE Study Hall applications for the Fall will be available for pick up in the Athletic Office. Friday, August 23rd – In Season PE Study Hall applications must be turned into Student Services. The week of Monday, August 27th- Students will be informed if their application was approved and assigned a study hall. Students should continue to attend PE until they receive notification.
Chris Mitchell

Assistant Principal for Student Services