Driver Education

Glenbard West Driver Education Department

Glenbard West High School provides a comprehensive Driver Education Program to all eligible students that reside within the District (whether enrolled in the school or not) between the ages of 15 and 21 who request such a course.  The course focuses on preparing students for the rigors and responsibilities of driving. Students will need to successfully complete 30 hours of classroom instruction during the semester long course. Students will learn not only the rules of the road but also the dangers of behaviors such as texting and driving and drinking/drug use and driving.

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The Behind the Wheel Program consists of three hours of on-street training and at least 12 hours of Simulation time. All Driver Education instructors are certified teachers and provide the best instruction available. Behind the Wheel times are scheduled during the school day.

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Driver Education Requirements:

  • Be at least 15 years old and have earned 8 credits or more in the prior two semesters
  • Attend Glenbard West and be currently enrolled in or have passed classroom
  • Attend a private school within the District
  • Live in the District, but attend a private school out of the District
  • Homeschooled and live in the District

Driver Education FAQs

Drivers Education Faculty:

PE/DE/Health Dept. Chair -John Sigmund [email protected] 630-942-7726 ext. 2298
Teacher Email Phone
Matt Stacy [email protected] 630-942-7728 ext. 2521
Kevin Sutton [email protected] 630-942-7691 ext.5144
John Karpowicz [email protected] 630-942-7684 ext. 5159
Rick Heckman [email protected]  
Byron Delcid [email protected] 630-942-7553 ext.2765