Glenbard West Concert Orchestra

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Orchestra Seating Audition Information
Audition & Summer Camp Info Letter 17-18.pdf

Orchestra Syllabus (sign and return)
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Orchestra Dates-At-a-Glance
Mandatory dates are labeled as such.
2017 - 2018 Orchestra Dates-At-A-Glance.pdf

Orchestra Handbook
A detailed description of what we do.
2017 - 2018 Handbook.pdf

Extracurricular Code (sign and return)
2017 - 2018 Extra Curricular Code .pdf

Private Teachers
All Orchestra members are encouraged to study privately.
Private lesson teachers-GW (08:24:2015).pdf

A safe way for Mr. Ortega to stay in contact with students and parents.
Remind - GW Orchestra.pdf

Contact Mr. Ortega

Map to Glenbard West.pdf (for our visiting guests...)

Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) 2017-2018

What is ILMEA all about?
01_ILMEA Audition Info Letter.pdf

Where can I get the ILMEA audition music?
See below.

What are the ILMEA audition requirements?
02_ILMEA Requirements.pdf

#1 of 4: State Required Excerpts (all string instruments)
2017 ILMEA District 9 Orchestra Audition State Required Exc.pdf

#2 of 4: Scales (C, G, D, A, E, F, Bb, c, g for all string instruments)
ILMEA String Scales .pdf
#3 of 4: Sight-Reading  Find music on your own to sight-read or see Mr. Ortega for materials. Below are examples from previous years.
ILMEA District 9 Sight-Reading 2016.pdf
ILMEA District 9 Sight-Reading 2015.pdf
ILMEA District 9 Sight-Reading 2014.pdf

#4 of 4: Russlan and Ludmilla - by Glinka (all string instruments)
Prepare the entire work. ALL violins must prepare violin 1 AND violin 2 in their entirety.
Note: There are no official bowings.

Bowed Parts (by Dr. Somerville, Wheaton College Orchestra Director)
Russlan & Ludmilla - Dr Sommerville Bowings 2013.pdf

Clean Parts (no bowings)
Russlan & Ludmilla_01_Violin I.pdf
Russlan & Ludmilla_02_Violin II.pdf
Russlan & Ludmilla_03_Viola.pdf
Russlan & Ludmilla_04_Cello.pdf
Russlan & Ludmilla_05_Double Bass.pdf

Curtainraiser Performance
Monday, August 28, 2017 at 7:30pm

"Take On Me" (must be memorized)
Take On Me_v3_01_Violin I.pdf  
Take On Me_v3_02_Violin II.pdf  
Take On Me_v3_03_Viola.pdf  
Take On Me_v3_04_Cello.pdf  
Take On Me_v3_05_Double Bass.pdf

Below is a crude mp3 recording of this arrangement of "Take On Me". The begining has beat-box/percussion effects which come out on the playback as being played on a string instrument.
Take On Me - FINAL.mp3

"Washington and Lee Swing"
(aka The Glenbard West Fight Song - must be memorized)
The combined bands, choirs, and strings will perform this at the conclusion of the evening's presentation.
Washington & Lee Swing_01_Violins.pdf
(If possible, all violins play upper octave.)
Washington & Lee Swing_02_Viola.pdf  
Washington & Lee Swing_03_Cello.pdf  
Washington & Lee Swing_04_DBass.pdf

Glenbard West Orchestra's 2014 Curtainraiser performance (video):
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Glenbard West Orchestra's 2013 Curtainraiser performance (video):
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Are you a parent and interested in volunteering your time and efforts?
If, so, please consider volunteering with AMP:

        Music Boosters (AMP)

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