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24 Hour Line (630) 858-5060
Report absences before 10:30 a.m. on or before the day of the absence.
State the student's name, ID number, relation to the student, and reason for absence.
Failure to call by 10:30 a.m. will result in an unauthorized absence.

Glenbard Township High School District 87


Attendance Philosophy:  Our attendance policy is based upon the following assumptions:

1.  In accordance with the requirements of the School Code of Illinois and in recognition of the responsibilities imposed upon parents, it is the policy of District 87 that students shall attend school on a regular basis. Student attendance in class is not optional; it is a requirement of every class. We believe that regular class attendance increases the student's probability for successful performance and fosters the development of self discipline and responsibility.The Board of Education further believes that the school administration and staff have a duty to rigorously and consistently enforce school regulations dealing with class attendance.

2.  While the major responsibility for attendance rests with the student, the school and the parents share responsibility. Students are expected to attend every meeting of every class and study hall; the school has an obligation to inform both students and parents of the student's progress and attendance in all classes;and parents are obligated to inform the school when their student is absent and to give the reason for the absence.

Excessive absences from school limit the ability of a student to achieve.  For this reason, attending school on a regular basis is a requirement for all students.  The entire Glenbard staf fhas a responsibility to hold students accountable in this area. For this reason, we maintain the following intervention strategies related to attendance:

Our student data management system, Powerschool will provide daily attendance information for teachers, parents and administrators to view electronically.

Attendance staff will screen truancies daily and call home for any student who is three or more periods truant within any given day. 

Whenever a student is truant from a class, the Dean’s Office will contact the student the following day to confirm the truancy.  Truancies will be documented in Powerschool and a letter to the student’s parent will be generated on the next school day.  

  • For every truancy (unexcused absence) there will be a contact with the student, an attempt to call the student’s parent, a letter sent to the parent and a consequence or intervention with the student. 
  • After five truancies and five interventions for an individual course, a student may be denied credit for the course.  Those who are denied credit will be referred to their guidance counselor to explore credit options. 
  • Excessive excused absences interfere with student achievement.  A student who has excessive absences may be required to provide medical documentation in order to excuse absences.  During any given semester, when a student reaches over nine absences from a class there will be an attendance conference with his/her Dean and parent contact will be made.  Should the student reach over twelve absences an additional conference will be held with the Dean along with parent contact.  After fifteen absences, a student may lose credit for the individual class.  Those who are denied credit will be referred to their guidance counselor to explore credit options.
Any student who has chronic attendance issues will be referred to the truancy agency, Project Visa. 

Attendance Procedures

Parents are responsible for the daily attendance of their children. However, Illinois School Code does not grant parents the authority to excuse their children from attending classes.

1.  Parents must call the Attendance Office before 10:30 a.m. on each day of absence to give the reason for their student's absence. Failure to do this will result in an unauthorized absence.

2.  In order to more conveniently report your student's absence, calls can be made at any time to an answering machine at: 

- Glenbard East  (630) 627-2595
- Glenbard North (630) 653-9092
- Glenbard South (630) 942-6684
- Glenbard West  (630) 858-5060

3. Glenbard District 87 recognizes two categories of absences:  excused absences, and unauthorized absences/truancies.

A.  ExcusedAbsences

The Dean's Office will recognize as an excused absence (1) student's personal illness, (2)serious illness and/or death in the immediate family, and (3) family emergency situation. Only these excused absences merit the opportunity for make-up work.  Students with excessive excused absences within a semester may be requested to supply a medical certificate to the Dean's Office.

Absences for reasons other than those indicated above must be pre-arranged through the Attendance Office.  Requests from parents must be presented in writing at least three school days prior to the absence. Your student's Dean will inform teachers of the absence and of the student's privilege to "make-up" work. The student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for the completion of the"make-up" work with teachers prior to the absence. No credit will be given unless the specific requirements, as set by the teacher, are met. It is recognized that when a student misses class meetings, individual instruction, tests, etc., learning will be adversely affected even though requested, advance assignments are completed. The teacher's signature on the prearranged absence form indicates only that the teacher has been notified of the absence. Teachers will note the dates of the pre-arranged absences in their grade book but will not lower their academic expectations for a student taking a pre-arranged absence.

Reasons for pre-arranged absences include the following:

1.  Class field trips and athletic contests absences from classes for participation in school sponsored and approved activities such as field trips and athletic contests are pre-arranged absences and must be treated as such. In addition, students may pre-arrange an absence to see a Glenbard team participate in State Tournament competition.

2. An absence for reasons such as medical and dental appointments will be excused if it has been cleared prior to the absence. A doctor's note will be required when the student returns to campus.

3. An absence for a court date will be excused if it has been cleared prior to the absence. Documentation from the court will be required when the student returns to campus.

4. A college visitation day if it has been cleared one day prior to the absence.

5. Family vacation - Family vacations should not be taken when school is in session.  However, if it becomes absolutely necessary to arrange a vacation during school time, a student must present a note from a parent a minimum of three days prior to the absence.

6. An absence for religious reasons will be excused if it has been cleared with the Dean prior to the absence.

B.Unauthorized Absences/Truancies

All absences not included in section A will be considered unauthorized absences/truancies.  Unauthorized absences/truancies include, but are not limited to babysitting for a younger sibling, missing the bus, oversleeping, and staying home to complete assignments.  Unauthorized absences also include truancies. Unauthorized absences/truancies do not merit "make-up" privileges.  If a test or assignment is missed due to an unauthorized absence/truancy, a grade of "0" will be recorded.

Students may leave campus during their lunch period if they are authorized to do so.  At no other time may students leave campus without permission. Students who become ill while at school must see the Nurse to be excused. Students leaving campus for partial day prearranged absences must first report to the Attendance Office. Upon returning to school, students must submit doctor's/court notes to the Attendance Office. If a student leaves school without pre-arranged status and the parent notifies the school after the fact, the absence will be considered unauthorized.  Students who are excused from school (or suspended) may not come on campus to work in the library media department or computer labs.

C. Drop from Class Due to Unauthorized Absences/Truancies

Absences from class reduce the ability of a student to achieve. Excessive absences can have a negative impact on the entire classroom climate. Students who have excessive unauthorized absences/truancies will be dropped from their class and placed in a study hall as described below. Generally, each step would correspond to one unauthorized absence.

STEP 1 Teacher notifies parent of the truancy – a truancy letter is sent home.

STEP 2 Staff member notifies parent of the truancy. Dean consequence with a truancy letter sent home.

STEP 3 Dean notifies parent and issues the student an after school consequence (Detention/ExtendedDay Detention).

STEP 4 Dean notifies parent and issues the student an after school consequence (In School Suspension/I.S.S.).

STEP 5 Dean notifies parent and student is denied credit for class and placed in studyhall.  Additional opportunities provided to recover credit


D.Additional Attendance Information

Students who are consecutively absent from a class will advance through STEP process and the Dean will notify parent(s). If additional consecutive absences occur, the studentwill move to Step 5 of the policy. Students who are absent without authorization from class from multiple periods or the entire day will be assigned after school consequences (Detention/Extended Day Detention).

1.  When a student's total absences interfere with the educational success in a class, a behavior report may be initiated by the teacher requesting a drop of the student from that class. The Dean will then consider the request.

2.  Students at Glenbard are expected to come to class on time. Glenbard District 87 has a tardy policy in place to help students avoid missing class time. The procedure is as follows:  1st - 3rd tardy - Teacher policy is implemented. 4th - 6th tardy - Detentions issued by teacher.  7th tardy and more- Further discipline which may include dismissal from the class.

3.  Students more than 25 minutes late for a class will be marked unauthorized for the period. Students who have unauthorized absences/truancies from study hall will be issued after school consequences ranging from detention to an Extended Day Detention.   Students who have excessive unauthorized absences/truancies will be suspended from school.

4.  Students participating in school sanctioned field trips must complete parent permission slips at least one week prior to the scheduled trip.

5.  Students chronically truant will be referred to the DuPage County Truancy Office.