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English Resources

         o Professor Brians from Washington State University has put together a comprehensive site on many of the common grammatical errors that are committed by students. An alphabetic list and links for EL learners.
         o This webpage is derived from the original edition by William Strunk. This classic work should be referred to anytime when you have a grammatical question.
          o This is the second of three sites that are available from this page. Professor Lynch has an excellent site for grammar usage. His content is in alphabetic order with a good introduction that explains his objectives for the site.
         o This website is from the University of Illinois English Department. It provides help on Parts of Speech, Clauses and Sentence Elements.

         o Ever wonder the origin or phrase like, "Katy bar the door"? This site gives the origins of some 300 words. A good bibliography of resources related to etymology.
         o An exhaustive list of primary and secondary sources makes this site worthwhile to look at if studying mythology. This site covers myths across      time, culture and countries.

         o From this site you can find essays on poetry, biographies of more than 450 pets, text of more than 1250 poems and RealAudio of one hundred poems read by their authors or other poets. You can create your own anthology, of information and poems from this site.
    * Bartleby Verse
         o One of the largest free collection of verse on the internet.

Reviews & Literary Criticism
   * GaleNet: Literature Resource Center Gold
         o This online subscription provided by Glenbard West is the authority resource through this website. It provides information on over 120,000 writers with in-depth coverage on 2,500 of the most studied writers. All material after 1996 is available in this online database. Information prior to 1996 may not be on this database. Refer to the print versions Contemporary Literary (R 810.9 CON) and Contemporary Authors (R 920 CON).
         o Login required outside of Elliott Library. You can obtain passwords at Elliott Library.

         o Links to over 2,500 websites with critical and biographical information about authors and their works. Probably the best place on the internet to search for information on authors. GaleNet is much more extensive and reliable.
         o The author of this site has set up an exhaustive meta-index to all things literary. Divided into seven major sections this site will be helpful to anyone trying to understand how to research literature.
         o A site that links to Professor Lynch's site states it is the most extensive for scholarly literary resources. Searchable by major literary era or by a single word (i.e. Twain)
         o Paul Reuben has done an excellent job gathering a bibliography of major authors since colonial times. Useful to find legitimate resources, but students will have to find the full text in their local library. Some websites available.

Writing, Speech and Research

         o The third page of Professor Lynch's on this site. It is still being developed, but has useful information on writing a research paper.
         o Using the MLA guide, Capital Community College in Hartford, CT has put together an excellent site to help a student write a research paper.  Links and examples are very useful for a student to understand the research process.
         o An extensive site that has information on writing concerns, grammar and MLA/APA citations. Excellent powerpoint presentations on writing also available.
         o This site has a step by step tutorial on how to make a speech. A useful link to resources on how to search the internet.